13 jul. 2008

Processing en acción

Murcof - Mir Nodes from Simon on Vimeo.

Desde hace algunos días estoy bastante enganchado con la comunidad de processing en castellano (foro.visualp5.net). De allí extraigo este ejemplo, subido por AlbagCorral.

Audio by Murcof (live at Montreux feat. Eric Truffaz on the trompet and Talvin Singh on the tablas).

Inspired by the concept of nodes by Jared Tarbel. This experiment is autonomous, that mean that it doesn't need any input from me.
The concept is really simple; if a certain distance is detected between two particle, there is a communication. Here I think it's the more basic communication: the particles simply attract each others. I just add to this concept the fact that each particles represent a certain frequency of the sound spectrum and those frequencies change the size and the influence area of each particles. So the more the frequency of one particle is high, the more the influence area will be big.


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