17 ago. 2008

2 visualizaciones de datos en forma de árbol generativo

Oneword - interactive SMS visualization demo from todo.to.it on Vimeo.

2006 - SMS interactive installation

Oneword is an interactive system designed to sample and display audience's collective voice during an event.

A social, public display of crowd moods & feelings during an large-scale event: people send SMS to a special number, the SMS's lenght is constrained to one_word. The messages are then displayed with a tree-like generative graphic software. As soon as a new message arrives a new branch blossoms. As the event unfolds layers of texts gradually build up a flowing foliage of collective memory.

Otro ejemplo de los chicos italianos de To-do. En este caso parece bastante inspirado (no sé si conscientemente) en algunos trabajos con finalidad comericial de yogop.com de hace algunos años. http://www.nec.co.jp/eco/en/ecotonoha/

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